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Our Location

Your Pet’s Store & So Much More!
Pet Health, Wellness & Nutrition Center

Store Address:

1553 King St N
St. Jacobs, Ontario

Phone: 519-664-3366
Email: comfortstaff@gmail.com

We offer a unique owner/operated, independent pet health store specializing in raw pet food diets, Natural Pet Food and Treats, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathics and Holistic Remedies and Supplements for dogs, cats and small animals.

Chris Schaefer, Certified Natural Pet Food Consultant, former kennel manager & show dog handler, was inspired to open Creature Comfort as a result of her own experiences with the benefits of addressing pet ailments with a holistic, natural approach.

“I spent years frustrated by traditional medical methods of treating the symptoms rather than the causes of pet’s health challenges, and the lack of information and product selection available holistically for pets.”

In addition to offering natural, herbal and homeopathic pet foods and products, we also specialize in raw feeding education and have a vast selection of raw diets for dogs and cats in stock. We spend a vast amount of time and effort carefully researching each product that we offer, including ingredient sourcing and manufacturing standards, as well as educating our clients about the health and safety benefits of these products, empowering them with the tools to “make choices that make sense”.

It’s not uncommon for us to be able to help a client without actually selling them a product, simply by spending time reviewing their pet’s nutrition and lifestyle and making recommendations for them that often resolve their issues.”

Creature Comfort Pet Emporium Team members

Our team of knowledgeable, experienced pet professionals includes:
Certified Raw Food consultants, Certified Pet Food consultants,
Certified Animal Care providers, a Certified Canine Massage Therapist
and Certified Canine Reflexologist.
We offer free consultations to assist pet owners with achieving their pet’s optimal health and wellness, with a focus on education and holistic alternative remedies. We specialize in nutrition including raw diets, and natural dry and wet foods. We also offer a huge selection of pet supplies and unique accessories not commonly found at most pet stores.

Chris also believes in operating her business with a “paw it forward” motto that includes:

Strongly supporting local animal rescue groups Fostering for local rescue groups to assist with adoptions
Free Leash Free Park on location Frequent buyer benefits
Weekly newsletter coupons Senior’s discount
Customer loyalty rewards

Not “just another pet store”, the helpful staff at Creature Comfort Pet Emporium include experienced pet professionals who are knowledgeable and passionate about your pet’s health and wellbeing, offering free nutritional consultations, nail trim services, and a great selection of products to meet all of your pet’s needs….all at very competitive prices!
Leashed /friendly pets are always welcome to drop by for a treat and a visit.

Does your pet need help with:

Allergies, ear infections, tear staining Tartar/plaque, dental issues
Joint problems, muscle/tendon strain, nerve damage Separation anxiety, thunderstorm fear, stress
Gastro sensitivity, motion sickness Hotspots, paw biting, itchy skin
Urinary tract issues, hairballs Therapeutic canine massage
Or other chronic issues? WE CAN HELP…NATURALLY!

Chris - Owner of Creature Comfort

Chris-Owner/Operator (2003 to present)
Certified Natural Pet Food Consultant, Certified Raw Pet Food Specialist
former kennel manager & show dog handler,
Founder of Hobo Haven Pet Rescue Network, active volunteer/Board member of The Dog Rescuers Inc
Specializing in pet nutrition, holistic remedies, pet health supplements and raw diets

Chris and her husband Mike are proudly owned by rescued pets
Katie-black Labrador Retriever, Ziggy-Australian Cattle Dog mix, Penny-Springer Spaniel/Australian Shepherd mix, and felines Jazz, Dexter and Nova


meagan sheridan

(July 2010 to present)

Certified Canine Massage Therapist, Certified Animal Care Provider, Certified Natural Pet Food consultant with over 10 years experience in the pet industry.

Specializing in pet nutrition, holistic remedies, pet health supplements and raw diets.

Meagan is the proud Mom to her rescues Spanky-JRT mix, Sasha-boxer mix, and felines Nero, Salem and Wally



(January 2013 to present)

Natural Pet Food and Product assistant, Customer Service specialist with over 9 yrs customer service experience. Melissa continues the family tradition of being passionate about pet health and wellness as well as animal rescue. Melissa brings with her many years of customer service experience and caring for family pets as well as volunteering for various animal rescue groups.

Melissa is the proud “Mom” of Astro,
a rescued Karelian Bear Dog/Husky mix



(February 2014 to present)

Certified Natural Pet Food and Product consultant. Certified Groomer (Grooming with Finesse) and customer service specialist. Sarah also volunteers with Hobo Haven Rescue Network as a foster care provider for dogs and cats in need of a safe and loving place to transition from when rescued, transporter and conducting home visit interviews.

Sarah is proud Mom to rescues Bear- Boston terrier/ JRT/ pug, Merlin – Australian Cattle Dog and  Feline rescues Binx, Bagheera, and Chinook