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Chest Plate Dog Harness & Seat Belt


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Chest Plate Dog Harness & Seat Belt  Simplicity, ease, comfort, and safety. The adjustable, sturdy, and ergonomic dog control harness by EzyDog is the best dog control harness out there and is a harness that makes walking your dog easy. Distributing the load across the chest (rather than across the throat) makes it easier to control and train a tugging dog, and is more comfortable and sturdier than a typical collar!

Where Function Meets Fashion – Easy Walk Dog Harness

The easy walk dog chest plate harness is more than just a harness for dogs that pull on their leashes. It’s a great fit for every dog! The dog chest plate harness doesn’t rub uncomfortably, thanks to its easy-to-adjust straps. For unbeatable control for small and large dogs, use the EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness with a shock-absorbing leash. It’s quick to put on, meaning you can get out and play that much sooner!

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