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HomeoPet Cleanz Detox


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HomeoPet Cleanz Detox helps removal of unwanted environmental toxins from organs. Improves energy, overall health and well being. Cleans the system of all the toxins the body has accumulated over the years. These toxins come from a variety of areas: spot on treatments, yard sprays, house sprays, air fresheners, wormers, shampoos and preservatives in foods are just some of the areas. The toxins build up in the system and decrease liver and kidney functions which results in the pet looking and acting less healthy.

Dogs/Cats under 20 lbs/10 kg, 5 drops; 21-60 lbs/ 10-30 kg, 10 drops; 61-100 lbs/30-45 kg, 15 drops; over 100 lbs/45 kg, 20 drops.

Treatment: Twice daily for 21 days, repeat every 3 months.

Pets Under 1 lb: 2 drops in the drinking water twice daily.

SMALL MAMMALS such as rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and pot bellied pigs can be dosed by weight as for cats and dogs in previous section.

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