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Colloidal Silver


Colloidal silver is a liquid antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal that is safe to use both topically and internally including in eyes, ears and on skin.
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10-15 ppm Colloidal Silver 100ml

Colloidal Silver is used as a treatment to fight more than 650 disease organisms found in both humans and pets. The treatment is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses without affecting the healthy cells surrounding the infection.

A variety of uses incl:

Abrasions – acne – allergies – body odour – burns – cuts – conjunctivitis – dermatitis – ear infections-eczema  – insect bites – rashes – parasitic infections – pyoderma rashes – razor nicks – sunburn – warts – wounds-yeast/fungal conditions and more

We also offer colloidal copper/zinc products.

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