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Free Range MOO Taffy Bones (N/A)


PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available. Please view our tendons instead: https://creaturecomfort.ca/product/beef-tendons/

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Free Range MOO Taffy Bones are from 100% Beef Weasand. It is a natural beef jerky with no additions or subtractions and Free Range Eco Naturals MOO taffy contains only one ingredient. These dog chews are made from grass-fed, pasture finished cattle with nothing artificial added. The traceable cattle were humanely raised on ecologically responsible family ranches in the Pampas Region of Argentina. You’ll love giving the gifts of cleaner teeth, satisfying boredom, easing anxiety and fulfilling their urge to chew! Our superior quality chews are 100% natural and therefore unique in both size and shape.

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