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This egg is an erratically rolling, hard to pin ball designed with the idea of constant movement in mind. Being made of hard plastic makes this ball hard to bite and causes the ball to “squirt” out of dogs’ mouths.

SMALL 8″ – $12.99
LARGE 12″ – $19.99

The Jolly Ball is virtually indestructible and designed for those larger-than-life characters who love to chase and conquer. Too many toys just can’t take the strain like the Jolly Ball. Save your children’s football from being punctured and buy the Jolly Ball.

Jolly Balls are designed NOT to be thrown or kicked, but used as a pursuit toy for your dog to chase around. The Jolly Ball should not be picked up by the dog, so should be a size bigger than the dog can carry.

Benefits of the Jolly Ball for Dogs

Virtually indestructible

Ideal therapy for bored animals

Impact and puncture resistant

On the ground chasing

Floats on water

4″ @$14.99 / 6″ @$19.99 ea

This toy has achieved Creature Comfort’s highest rating of
4 Paws Up
from the In-House Testing Pack

(Katie, Dino and Syd of the Creature Comfort In-House Testing Pack)

Sharing is caring!