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Kong Squeak Stix Medium


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This extra-long, durable fetch and tug toy offers an exciting alternative to the splintering, bug-filled wooden sticks your pup picks up outside. Each rugged toy bounces, flexes and twists like no stick can for hours of unpredictable play. The enticing squeak zones hold up even when punctured. Whether you’re playing fetch or a tough game of tug, this ultra-strong toy holds up for long-lasting fun.

  • Extra-long, durable design built for easy games of fetch and tug-o-war.
  • Made with two squeak zones that keep on squealing even when punctured!
  • Rounded edges provide a safe, slippery grip that keeps your pup interested.
  • Flexible stick bounces, flexes and twists for hours of unpredictable fun.
  • Provides a safe and engaging alternative to wooden sticks


Sharing is caring!