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Omega Alfa Liver Tone


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Your family pet need not suffer the ill effects of a toxic or fatty liver. Suitable for both cats and dogs, Omega Alfa Liver Tone contains the following herbs: Milk thistle seed, Burdock, Artemisia capillaris, Gardenia jasminoidis , Dandelion , and Bupleurum chinense all in an easy-to-use, and better absorbed liquid formulation, with natural chicken flavour.

The liver is the primary organ of detoxification in both humans and animals. Your cat or dog can be exposed to the same environmental and biological toxins as humans and may benefit from a gentle cleanse of the liver. Liver Tone has been specially formulated for your pet to gently detoxify the liver. Follow label directions for the size and weight of your animal for best results.

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100 ml, 500 ml