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Original GoughNuts – Rings


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GoughNuts are virtually indestructible

It all started in our kitchen with an idea of “Green means Go and Red means Stop.”  The safety premise is that if your dog can chew though to the red indicating layer, your instruction is to take the product away.  All GoughNuts have a safety Guarantee that we feel and we know is changing chew toy technology around the world.  The GoughNut Original ring is tough, bounces, rolls, floats (except for Pro 50 models), and whatever else you can think of.

We have expanded the Green line to Black, our toughest color that utilizes engineered carbon reinforcement, and then to more visible colors of Orange and Yellow.  Orange Green and Yellow all have the same strength while the Black and the Pro 50 are the toughest.

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Pro50 Lge Breed Black 70+lb, Maxx Ring Black 70+lb, Orig Ring Black 10-40lb, Orig Ring Green 40-70lb, Orig Ring Orange 10-40lb, Lite Bite Maxx Ring Blue 26-55lb