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Comfy Cone - a soft, comfortable alternative to the plastic Elizabethan 'lampshade' surgery recovery collar for pets. Prevents dogs from licking, biting, scratching or pulling stitches out of wounds. Great for hot spots, allergies, post-surgery and any time you need to protect your pet.

Better than a hard plastic e-collar because it's comfy! Allows your dog to sleep and eat in a normal position. No more bumping into the walls or people. No more pushing the doggie dish across the floor while trying to eat or drink. More peripheral visibility reduces stress for your animal.

The Comfy Cone is comfortable, washable and flexible. As effective as a plastic cone, but made of padded fabric. The Comfy Cone folds back if needed so you can adjust the length to increase dog's visibility, assist with mealtimes or allow you to examine your dog.

Attaches with a long velcro seam. This allows you not only to get a very comfortable, custom fit, but it also allows you to adjust the size of the front opening. Changes easily from a wider cone to a more narrow tube-like shape, depending on what your dog needs.

  • Made of durable rip-stop nylon
  • Veterinary tested and approved
  • Elastic loops so you can slip your dog's regular collar through - helps it stay on
  • Opens fully so there is no need to put your pet's head through collar
  • Wipes clean with damp cloth
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Sturdy stitching and binding
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Velcro closure for greatest range of adjustment
  • Reflective trim around edge for safety
  • Use again and again
  • Folds back if needed

Correct Sizing:
Measure your dog's neck at the base of the neck, then from the neck to the snout; this will help size both for neck and to ensure the muzzle will not extend past the front edge of the Comfy Cone. You can thread your dog's collar through the elastic loops to help keep it on.

Size: Around the Neck (inches): Neck to Snout Breed Example
Small 8" - 10" 5.75" Cats, Maltese
Medium 12" - 15" 8.25" Cocker, Beagle
Large 14" - 22" 10.25" Boxer, Dalmation, Shepherd
X-Large 21" - 25" 12" Lg. Golden, Rottie

Is your dog's measurement between two sizes? Then figure out which size you need based on the location of the area you're trying to protect. If the wound or incision is on the body (chest, neck, back, hip, stomach), order the smaller size to give your dog the most visibility. If it's on the tail, paws, legs, or eye, choose the next size up, which will be longer on the sides.

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