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Homeopet Feline UTI+

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Homeopet UTI+ provides relief from urinary tract infections by easing burning, promoting healing, tackling the anxiety often at the root of the problem and supporting kidney function.

Kittens/puppies - 5 drops per dose
Adult Cats - 10 drops per dose



Solidago Virgaurea 4x


Kidneys sore and tender. Cystitis. Obstructing flow of urine or inflammation.
Aconitum Napellus 200c


Anxious sudden onset bloody urine with straining & burning on urination, absence of urine in shock or in newborns.
Arnica Montana 6c

Leopard's Bane

Bruising or injury of urinary tract with painful urination from trauma including self trauma from licking, catheterization, urinary stones crystals or surgery.
Berberis Vulgaris 4x


Major remedy for support of entire renal system and urinary tract which is antiseptic, relieves burning sensations and radiating pains around kidneys.
Calendula Officinalis 4x

Pot Marigold

Helps healing of all tissues.

Cantharis Vesicatoria 6x, 6c, 30c, 200c

Spanish Fly

Straining to pass drops of urine or blood which burn causing patient to cry out (beware of obstruction which requires veterinarian attention)
Copaiva 4x

Balsam of Copaiva

Acts on mucous membranes & genito-urinary organs with corrosive milky discharge at meatus which is swollen and inflamed. Thickening of bladder. Burning neck of bladder, urethra.
Echinacea Angustifolia 4x

Purple Cone-flower

An anti-infective remedy in general and in cystitis where there is cloudy urine which is frequent and scanty and sometimes even involuntary.
Epigaea Repens 4x

Gravel Weed

Indicated with chronic cystitis with mucus, pus, gravel (fine sandy stones/crystals/uroliths) with pain straining after urination.
Equisetum Hyemale 4x

Horse Tail

A major remedy in weakness of the urinary tract and bladder sphincter especially in elderly patients - incontinence and infection. Particularly beneficial in cats kept indoors without access to grasses or eat grass a lot.
Hydrangea Arborescens 4x


Kidney stones, crystals uroliths and pains associated with these eases their passage. Berberis complements action of this remedy.
Hydrastis Canadensis 4x

Golden Seal

Highly antiseptic especially in the urinary tract and better used as homeopathic as overharvesting for herbal use is endangering the plant.
Lycopodium Clavatum 30c

Club Moss

Cloudy milky, especially red sand (gravel) in urine, cries before urination, right kidney pain. Helps in correcting metabolic predisposition to stones.
Pareira Brava 4x


Painful urination especially with induration of bladder (hardness & thickening) constant urging and straining
Sabal Serrulatum 6x

Saw Palmetto

Known as the herbal catheter. For great difficulty in urinating, stricture of urethra. The alleviation of restriction of flow from enlarged prostate.
Thalapsi Bursa 4x

Shepherd's Purse

Chronic cystitis with sediment and particularly with brick red dusty sediment. Kidney colic and stones, blood in urine, dribbling in elderly, urethritis all come under the remit of this remedy. Hydrangia complements its action.
Uva Ursi 4x


Cystitis with painful straining blood & slime in urine, Kidney stones with pus in kidneys & urine. Antiseptic Hydrastis. The herb and low potency are particularly indicated as supportive remedies in E coli infection.
Apis Mellifica 6c

Honey Bee

Acute or chronic cystitis and nephritis. Albumen, casts in cloudy urine, thirstless types averse to heat. Absence of urination in new borns.
Argentum Nitricum 30c

Silver Nitrate

A remedy for anxious pets with symptoms matching violent pain urinating. The urine can be dark red or yellow red urine.
Benzoicum Acidum 6c

Benzoic Acid

Cystitis, Nephritis, kidney stones, strong foul odor like horse urine, excess uric acid, as occurs in diabetes leading to joint stiffness and pain.
Calcium Phosphate 30c

Calcium Phosphate

Pain in bladder worse when empty. Useful where there are stones or crystals containing Phosphates
Chimaphila Umbellata 30c


Acute Urinary Tract Inflammation, urine bloody cloudy and difficult to pass.
Ignatia Amara 30c, 200c

St. Ignatius Bean

Cystitis following emotional triggers such as grief, anger, worry (fear/stress) etc. Burning smarting with continual urge to urinate.
Merc Sol/Mercurius Vivus 30c


Nephritis and or cystitis with straining. Albuminous urine & greenish discharge, offensive odor & ulceration locally and in mouth & tongue where it meets the teeth. Urinate more than they drink.
Nux Vomica 30c, 200c

Poison Nut

Spasmodic Bladder paralysis especially in spinal injury, Bladder spasm kidney pain, frequent urge to urinate, bloody urine. Related to Ignatia
Plumbum Aceticum 30c

Acetate of Lead

Chronic Kidney Failure, sclerotic shrunken hard nodular kidneys. Like Causticum it is indicated for paralysis of the bladder.

Sarsaparilla Officinalis 30c

Wild Liquorice

Crying with straining passing urine which can be sandy pus filled and slimy. It is a very useful remedy where there are crystals with difficulty passing urine. It also has an action in preventing recurrence as does Calc Renalis
Sepia Officinalis (succus) 6c, 30c, 200c

Cuttlefish Ink

Chronic cystitis, pain in bladder before urination, incontinence. Bloody milky consistency urine with sandy sediment.
Terebinthinia Oleum 6c


Acute and Chronic Inflammation of bladder & kidneys especially where blood is present. Urine smokey with coffee grounds or thick, yellow, slimy, muddy sediment. Smell of violets is strongly indicative of this remedy in humans.
Thuja Occidentalis 30c

Arbor Vitae

Kidneys - Pains especially left side, which are worse motion. Diabetes mellitus especially with high uric acid (gout, pain in joints). Pain and burning felt near neck of bladder (similar to classic cystitis). Cutting squeezing in bladder and urethra. Bladder feels paralyzed, must wait for urination. Frequent urination with pain in other parts with profuse flow. Desire sudden and urgent, but cannot be controlled. Urethra swollen inflamed. Forward cutting in urethra on urination. Cystitis or renal problems after vaccination especially if left sided. In humans a forked stream is indicative of this remedy and is occasionally seen in animals.
Arsenicum Album 6c

White Oxide of Arsenic

Nephritis with albumen +++, cells, fibrin, pus, blood in urine. Black urine anxious chilly restless and thirsty types which sip small amounts at a time.
Belladonna, 30c

Deadly Nightshade

Acute urinary infections or complaints. Urine bloody, dark, cloudy, with phosphate. Fever, dilated pupils, bounding pulse, pain. Follows Aconite.
Causticum 6c, 30c

Potassium Hydrate

Bladder paralysis from any cause including spinal injury, strong smelling dark cloudy urine, involuntary urination or dribbling urine painful urination.
Ferrum Phosphoricum, 12x

Phosphate or Iron

Anemia of chronic renal disease. Inflammation & pain in early stages diarrhea can be present in patient at same time.
Phosphorus 6c, 30c


Chronic & Acute Nephritis with or without jaundice, blood, albumen, sugar in urine or an oily pellicle (film) on urine. Friendly out going and thirsty pets.
Staphysagria 6c, 30c


Burning Cystitis especially if emotional in origin or following surgical procedures or after mating, Inappropriate urination, spraying.