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NO More Lampshades!

The Kong Cloud is a premium protective collar that is designed to protect your pet from reaching injuries, rashes, or post surgery wounds.

The Kong Cloud has an inflatable inner bladder made of a plastic vinyl that is inflated through a two-way air valve much like a beach ball. Once inflated, the size and thickness of the Kong Cloud function as a soft deterrent. The inner bladder is protected by a soft, fleecy outer jacket lined with a durable canvas material to resist bites and scratches. The Kong Cloud is held in place by inserting the pet's everyday collar through the the Kong Cloud's three inner rings. The velcro strap should be placed at the back of the neck and then adjusted for a perfect fit.

While wearing the Kong Cloud, pets are able to eat, sleep and play at ease while staying protected. To prevent another animal from biting the patient's collar; Rub with chew deterrant. The Kong Cloud is machine washable or can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and/or ammonia and laid flat to dry. Always monitor a pet post-surgery to ensure that the collar is working properly. Some pets may be able to maneuver around any collar.


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