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Creature Comfort Pet Emporium


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Using a remote control, a spray is ejected from a device worn around the dog's neck. Simply press the button on the remote control and an inoffensive spray is ejected. The spray can be triggered at a precise moment in time, so that the delay between the unacceptable behavior and the redirection stimulus is instantaneous. Spray Commander has a range up to 300 feet.

Spray Commander can be used with any dog that weighs more than 6 lbs and is at least 6 months old.

With spray Commander training time is greatly reduce. After receiving a few sprays in a specific situation, the dog will attempt to avoid bad behavior in order to spare himself another spray. The calibrated spray causes neither pain nor nasty after-effects. In fact, we have noticed that the spray has an appeasing effect on dogs. Furthermore the use of the spray is more effective to eliminate bad behavior, than techniques, which involve fear or pain.

With This Revolutionary Device, You Can:
Eliminate Problems
Eliminate Undesirable Behavior Such As: Jumping, Chasing, Digging, Destruction, Stealing, Running Away, And Many More