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Perfect for healthy mental and physical stimulation, the Play-N-Squeak Mouse rewards your cat with a realistic mouse sound when moved. Made of tough, durable polyester, it includes long-life batteries and catnip to make it totally irresistible to your feline friends!

Cats are natural hunters. Even when living amongst humans and well-fed, a cat's motivation to hunt remains strong. With no natural prey in their indoor environment, they express their hunting instincts by chasing imaginary prey. Play-N-Squeak® interactive cat toys are meant to fuel your cat's natural hunting instinct safely and vent pent-up energy.

What makes Play-N-Squeak toys truly unique and remarkable is the RealMouse™ electronic sound module included in every toy. It produces an amazingly realistic mouse squeak that cats love. In fact, the squeak is the same frequency and sound level as a real field mouse!

Available in several styles including mouse, bird, raccoon, skunk, fox, bunny.