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  • Suzie's Tartar Remover
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Suzie's Tartar Liquid

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Currently out of stock. We highly recommend Bluestem as an equal alternative

Eliminate tartar, placque and bad dog breath with Suzie's Tartar Remover, the ultimate pet dental product. Suzie’s pet supply is a leader in pet dental care and the manufacturer of Suzie's Tartar Liquid Remover. Use Suzie’s regularly and your dog and cats teeth will be fresh & clean! It's a pet mouthwash, and more! It actually cleans their teeth! How? Suzie's Tartar Liquid is scientifically formulated to safely remove tartar and placque, which freshens breath of dogs, cats, and other animals.

Simply mix 1 tablespoon of our tasteless, odorless liquid per quart of water and let your pet drink normally. Regular use of dental chews such as Bully Sticks, Tendons, Z-Bones or Nutrident Chews will also aid in removing tartar so no scraping or brushing is needed. In as little as 6 weeks or less, you will see Suzie's Tartar Liquid removing your pets tartar. You’ll see and smell that your dog and cats breath is fresher, and teeth are cleaner and gums are healthier. Use Suzie’s Tartar Liquid daily to keep your pets’ teeth clean and breath fresh.

Suzie's is safe for your pets!


water, glycerine, sodium benzoate, allantoin, polysorbate 20, sodium salicylate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium borate, green FD&C yellow No. 5.

Money Back Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with Suzie's tartar remover, return any product within 90 days, we will fully refund your money. Please note: Shipping fees are not included in this refund.