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Animal Shelters, Rescues & Adoption

Creature Comfort is proud to support a wide variety of animal shelters, rescue groups and adoption service providers through our DONATION DESTINATION program. Most of the animal shelters/rescue groups & service providers featured here are run entirely by volunteers, with high operational expenses necessary to provide veterinarian care, foster care, transportation, and assistance in finding forever homes for unwanted, abused and neglected animals.

“Adopting a pet won’t change the world, but it will surely change the world for that pet”


Many animals would be homeless, suffering and at risk of death without the assistance of these fine groups. PLEASE….help us to help them by choosing one of these fine groups as your Donation Destination when placing your order with us. Creature Comfort will donate a portion of your online purchase to the Donation Destination recipient chosen with your order.


“What is man without the beasts. If all the beasts were gone, man would die from great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected….” Chief Seattle (Duwanish Tribe)

Animal Shelters, Rescues & Adoption Links

Where forever friends meet!

Are you looking for the companion of your dreams? Well, he/she is waiting for you to give them a ‘forever home and can be found at Adopt An Animal Canada! From a single location, you can find every available animal in need. Whether you want a purebred dog or just a ‘friendly face’, whether you want a rabbit, cat, ferret or even a horse, all you need to do is input your postal code and locate ALL the resources in your area.
Unfunded and volunteer-run, Adopt An Animal Canada is a labour of love whose mandate is to bring profile to pound, shelter and rescue animals-and to the organizations dedicated to saving the lives of the animals in their area.
The loyalty of a rescued animal is profound. Please visit Adopt An Animal Canada and you will be ‘hooked’.”
Questions about Adopt an Animal Canada?
Email agibson@adoptananimal.ca


803 Waterloo St. London, Ont N6A 3W5 (519) 439-3287
General Enquiries/Farm Animal Rescue: animaloutreachinfo@yahoo.ca Cat Rescue: michelle@animaloutreach.ca
Mission: To provide shelter & care for abandoned, neglected, unwanted, injured & abused domesticated animals. Animal Outreach believes in compassion to all animals, not just those traditionally accepted as our companions including a homeless cat rescue program (incl feral cats) & a farmed animal rescue program.  ANIMAL AID
Burlington, Ont

Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan retrieves Greyhound dogs bred for racing and looks out for the welfare of Greyhounds, finding homes for them where they may live out their natural lives as pets. We also work to educate the public about Greyhounds, their qualities as pets and their care.


Animal Alert

Telephone: (519) 642-7732 Email: Animalert Mail: Animalert, PO Box 24042, London ON, N6H 5C4 Web www.animalert.ca

Animalert was founded in London, Ontario, Canada in 1977 by four animal lovers who wanted to ensure that pets were adopted by caring guardians. We now have about 35 active members, plus our large network of volunteers, which helps us spread the word about our adoption program and raise funds to offset our operating expenses. We are able to place about 250 cats and dogs a year into responsible, loving homes. Not bad for a volunteer group, but we’d like to do better and with your help, we can!

Our work focuses on three main areas: Adoption, Education, and Spaying/Neutering.

Animalert works independently of the London Humane Society and London Animal Care and Control Centre. We raise all of our money through adoption fees, private donations and fund-raising efforts, such as our annual Christmas bazaar. Because we have virtually no administrative overhead, approximately 90 per cent of our money is used for veterinary care, food and housing.

Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario

ARF works with First Nations Communities to rescue, rehab, and rehome stray dogs and cats. We are 100% volunteer. ARF is committed to positive reinforcement training techniques in our foster homes, and in our adoptive homes.
To view our wonderful adoptable dogs and cats please visit www.arfontario.com

ARF is located in London, Ontario (8 Westcott Street 519-432-2731).

Ottawa, Ont

B.A.R.K. is an all breed rescue organization that takes in abused and/or abandoned dogs, puts them in foster homes, rehabilitates them, then places them in permanent adoptive homes. We are a registered charity entirely dependent on public donations and fundraising.




A free service dedicated to helping owners reunite with their lost pets,
and to finding homeless—or rescued and unwanted—animals a warm and comfortable place to live.
Owners of lost animals will be able to post information about their pet in the hope that somebody might read the message and contact them if they have any information on where the pet can be found. Owners of lost pets can also sign up to receive e-mail alerts whenever a new animal is added to the database—with any luck, it could be their pet!

Canadian Chihuahua Rescue & Transport

CCRT: Box 33040 Ottawa, ON K2C 3Y9 Main contact: info@ccrt.net
Local contact: Walkerton, ON weluvdogs@wightman.ca
Our Mission: To rescue, foster and provide necessary veterinary care for homeless, abandoned, neglected, abused or unwanted Chihuahuas. To match homeless chis with loving new adoptive homes which have been carefully screened by approved volunteers, and to provide follow-up support to new owners as well as information about Chihuahuas to all interested.
We ensure that all Chihuahuas placed through CCRT are spayed/neutered and properly vaccinated.


R.R.#3, Orton, ON, L0N 1N0 519-855-6850 Email: tish@catsanonymous.ca Contact: Tish Walshe

We are a private , no kill cat adoption facility located in south-central Ontario, Canada, and an official Canadian Registered Charity. Our “CAT HOUSE” is home to approximately 60 cats, who are permitted to roam free within the shelter.
They can stay in the shelter for as long as it takes to find the right adoptive home.
The shelter is run by a dedicated group of volunteers. There is no paid staff. Our funding comes from adoptions, volunteer fund-raising events and private donations. There is no government or township assistance. All our cats are blood-tested negative for feline leukemia (FELV) and feline immune deficiency virus (FIV). They are vaccinated, dewormed and spayed or neutered.

Creature Comfort Pet Emporium is proud to also foster cats from Cats Anonymous, assisting rescued cats and kittens in finding new forever homes. Visit our Adoption page to see who is in the store for you to meet!

(Adoptions by appt only)

Contact Viki (519) 696-2910 Email: vjohnson@mgrbt.com

Mission: to take in, care for & spay/neuter stray and abandoned cats until “forever homes” are found.
We are a no-kill shelter. Our adoption fee is $115 which covers spaying/neutering, shots, and complete vet check. Completely self-funded, we gratefully accept and rely on donations.

This group is here for people that want small animals friends to take care of (hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc)
This group is also for those who can no longer take care of their animal friends and can trust another home to do so.

E-mail me your information at: critterconnections@live.com
please leave your:
phone number
small animal type that you want to adopt or
small animal type that you can no longer take care of

This group will help with this process of adoption and make people aware of the animals and homes.

Please help stop to end the sale of live animals at pet stores and support adoptions.

Contact Info


Click HERE to view the list of Dogs available for Adoption.

Forever Homes are Desired and Foster homes are needed.


Contact: thedogrescuersinc@yahoo.com

To apply for adoption, surrender a dog or inquiries, please contact

Joan 1-416-567-6249 or Mano 1-905-483-7523

Who We Are
The Dog Rescuers Inc. is an all breed rescue group located in Oakville Ontario. We are dedicated to finding dogs new forever families.

Adopting a friend
If you see a dog that you think might be a good match for you, please send us an e-mail at thedogrescuersinc@yahoo.com stating which dog you are interested in. Please make sure to leave your name and contact information as well. You can also call our hotline and leave a message stating your name, number and what dog you are interested in. Our hotline number is 1-416-567-6249. Once we have received your inquiry we will contact you to begin the match making process.

Canadian Great Dane Rescue- Cambridge, ON
Non-Profit organization staffed by a group of volunteers who are committed to helping
unwanted, neglected or abused Great Danes by placing them in caring homes where they will receive proper care and exercise.

Friends of Abandoned Pets
Ottawa, Ont
Golden Retriever Adoption Service Inc. (Canadian)


Are you interested in more information? Please drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer any further questions you have.
E-Mail: grandriverrescue@hotmail.com
Postal Mail:
Grand River All Breed Rescue
PO Box 32116
Preston Postal Outlet
Cambridge, ON N3H 5M2 Canada

Our mission: As a non-profit animal rescue group our focus is:

  • to adopt dogs, cats and other companion animals into suitable homes.
  • to ensure that all dogs and cats placed by our rescue are spayed and neutered to ensure that we are not contributing to the pet overpopulation problem.
  • to promote responsible and healthy pet care, including humane training techniques and healthy diets.

Our members are understanding and caring people who are pet owners and caregivers. They understand the care and attention that pets require but also how fulfilling (if occasionally challenging) a life with pets can be. We’re not here just for the animals, but for their owners as well!
Info PET
Serving York Region, Ont and surrounding areas.
Lost and found resource for pet owners includes helpful pet information other pet resources.

We call ourselves Kismutt Small Dog Rescue because the word kismet means fate or destiny. Our mission is to alter the course of destiny for dogs in need, dogs that have been abandoned or abused, or are in danger of being euthanized. We provide them with a happier, more deserving fate by placing them in loving permanent homes.

Kismutt Small Dog Rescue was created to help counteract the pet-overpopulation epidemic facing North America today. For whatever reason, our society has deemed pets a disposable commodity, to be acquired and discarded at will. Millions of pets are senselessly destroyed every year. The shelters we work with have no choice but to euthanize perfectly loving animals to make way for the endless stream of new animals that arrive at their door each day.

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont
OSPCA Perth County Branch
345 Douro Street, Stratford ON Canada N5A 3S8
Phone: (519) 273-6600 Fax: (519) 273-7319
E-mail: ospcaperth@wightman.ca Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection
(NASAP). We are an animal rescue organization based in the Edmonton Alberta
Canada area. Email: admin@nasap.ca

NASAP is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing homeless animals while promoting responsible pet ownership in Northern Alberta. We are dedicated to reducing the use of euthanasia as a means to control the over population of adoptable pets. PAW CONNECT
Connecting pet seekers to pet providers across Canada (some USA also) PETPOSTINGS
Helping find homes for lost & adoptable pets.

Labrador Retriever Rescue Ontario

View Labrador Retrievers needing homes

Pet Patrol is an entirely volunteer-run, non-profit organization in the Kitchener – Waterloo area. We began in 1996 in recognition of the over population problem of felines in our community. We give cats a second chance, and an opportunity for a full life as we are NO KILL. Pet Patrol helps cats that have been abandoned, ill or homeless, to find new homes. We are a registered charity and rely solely on donations to cover our extensive Veterinary costs, which can total $40,000 per year. We receive no assistance from our municipality or government.

Pet Patrol does not believe an animal should be euthanized if they are unwanted or ill and can regain their health. We do everything in our capacity to make sure that all opportunities for the cat are met. We not only rely on conventional Veterinary care, but also Chiropractic, Homeopathic, Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, specialized Dentistry and allergy testing.

We also work to educate the community on the proper care of cats, and provide information aimed at reducing the homeless cat population in the KW and surrounding areas.

Senior Canine Rescue Society
SCRS is a strictly volunteer-run, charitable organization who receives no government funding, and is funded entirely by private donations and fundraising efforts by the volunteers within the organization. Please – your assistance is always needed, as our responsibility to the senior and special needs dogs in SCRS’s care does not end if resources become scarce.

(Songbirds Only Avian Rehabilitation)
Box 75- 196 Guelph St, Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0 519-856-4510 Email: drake@sentex.net
S.O.A.R. is a registered Canadian Charity dedicated to providing quality care to orphaned or recovering songbirds as well as obtaining professional medical care for the injured.

Waterloo Guinea Pig Rescue

Contact: Sherrall Chapman 1289 County Rd 64 Carrying Place, ON Canada K0K 1L0
Email: billchapman@ihorizons.netCanada
A non-profit group of volunteers dedicated to intervening on behalf of abandoned, abused, neglected or lost Whippets. We also offer help to owners who can no longer keep their Whippets and need to place them.
Whippet Rescue receives its funding from individual contributors, fund-raising events, and donations. Our ultimate goal is to match the right dog with the right home, for the enduring happiness of both dog and owner.

If you find an injured animal, contact the Preston Animal Clinic

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