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How much raw should I feed?

How much raw should I feed?

Calculating your pet’s caloric needs per day to determine raw feeding portions can be confusing for some pet owners, but it is important. Especially for overweight or underweight dogs.1 oz of raw food in different formulas does contain different calories! Over feeding can cause many different health issues, but underfeeding is also risking that their […]

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  August 22, 2019   No comments
Choosing a raw pet food brand

Choosing a raw pet food brand

You’ve decided to feed your pet a species appropriate raw diet. Congratulations! After spending time researching your options, you’ve now decided to choose a commercially prepared, balanced raw diet. Now comes the hard part. How do you choose which brand to purchase? As pet owners become more educated about nutrition for their pets, more are […]

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  November 7, 2018   No comments
Why feed grain-free?

Why feed grain-free?

Dogs and cats did not evolve to eat grains… so why include grains in pet food? Grains first appeared in pet foods about 70 years ago when consumers wanted the convenience of pet food in a bag and manufacturers wanted to reduce costs with inexpensive calories from grains. Although grains such as rice or wheat […]

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  May 30, 2016   No comments