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Animal communication is often put into the category of telepathy.  It is the process of having a two way communication with
animals in a non-physical, non-verbal way by mentally sending and receiving information over time and distance.


Through basic exercises you can learn to train your mind to relax and open up to receive thoughts, impressions and emotions from our animal companions.  We all have the ability to communicate with animals, it is a natural process that we have been conditioned to ignore.  The degree of your success is dependant upon the efforts you put into the practices.


There are a number of reasons why people might seek the assistance of an animal communicator such as:

  • Behavioral issues like inappropriate elimination, excessive barking, etc.  Please note that when communicating with animals there is a respect for the animal so to simply ask an animal to stop doing a certain behavior is not done.  Instead I work on trying to find the cause of the behavior and come to an  agreeable compromise
  • Health issues – I am not a medical professional so cannot give a diagnoses or prognosis however I will tell you what feelings and impressions I am receiving from the animal.  Please seek medical care for your pets if you are concerned.
  • Deepen the bond between animal and their human.  When people compete in agility or obedience it helps the human to understand the dog’s perspective.  They can then use this information and apply it to their activity of choice.
  • Sometimes people are faced with major decisions concerning their pets and they like to know the animals thoughts and feelings.
  • People get comfort reconnecting with animals who have crossed.   Some say it helps to bring them peace and comfort.
  • Just a general check in – some people simply want to know if their dog wants/needs anything and most often they want to share their love with their pets.


Animal communication is much more than a “job” or “title” it is a way of life. It is learning to appreciate the glimpse of the eagle as it flies overhead and knowing that you are not on your journey alone……. it is seeing the hawks and knowing that you are being taken care of and paying attention to the opportunities that fox has to offer.

So when an animal keeps popping into your mind or if an animal scares you, look at the qualities of that animal and try to figure out what the animal may be trying to tell you about yourself. And the best part of all, when you get in tune with nature, others can’t help but follow. They can’t help but share your passion and enthusiasm.

Simply put, it is learning about your life – from life itself.  Once you are in tune with nature, nature starts responding to you. June remembers asking to see a bear, at a safe distance for both animal and herself, on her trip to Bancroft– sure enough, she was blessed to have seen the behind of a bear cub as it scooted across the ditch and into the field. Animals (both wild and domestic) can mirror who we are (both what we like and don’t like about ourselves).


Animal Communicators in Ontario, Canada

Rev. June Blackburn

Rev. June Blackburn is an animal intuitive and healer. She works on an energetic level in both her communications and her healings. June has received her Ministry and Masters in Metaphysics and wrote her thesis on communicating with animals.

She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Registered Spiritual Healer (for both animals and people). June has studied various energy and vibrational healing methods and applies all she has learned to helping animals and their humans by way of both private consultation and group workshops.

“I have studied spiritual healing under the Ontario Healers Network and was the past President of the Haldimand Chapter of the OHN. It was during my studies in spiritual healing that my passion for animals led me to discover my ability to communicate with other species. Although my first love is spiritual healing, I have studied many energy healing modalities like: Reiki, Quantum Touch, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I draw on all of these healing modalities as needed and guided during the healing communications.

In 2007 I obtained my Masters from the University Of Metaphysics and wrote my Thesis on Communicating With Animals. This has led me to become an ordained Minister (with full marriage rights, registered with the Ontario Government) through the Bancroft Spiritual Centre.

I currently work under the Erie Shores Spiritual Centre in Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada. I incorporate the animals into my Ministry through animal communication and healing; as well as pet blessings; and prayers for pets.

Another integral part of my work is house clearings and blessings (also known as soul rescue work). If you have something happening in your home, office, or barn which you feel may be spirit related, please contact me at



Animal Communicator and Consultant
Vet Recommended

~ Advancing Human-Animal Relationships through Understanding, Empowerment and Compassion ~

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