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Bovine Colostrum 400gm

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Bovine Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammals directly after giving birth and has long been known as containing many beneficial compounds which provide protection and support for a newborn's immune system. It is available in powdered form and can be administered as a dry powder or it can be mixed with water and fed to protect and help your pet of any age.

In more practical uses for our companion pets Bovine Colostrum has been found to be compatible with dogs and other animals as well. One of the main components identified in colostrum, praline-rich polypeptide, is known to help suppress allergy symptoms by acting to reduce the over-production of lymphocytes and T-Cells that is associated with the allergic response. As well, the praline-rich peptide (PRP) has significant anti-inflammatory properties which helps negate the effects of histamine production associated with the itching and pain of the allergic response. Lastly, colostrum is known to contain antibodies to many common allergens and thus will, with continued use over time, gradually improve immunity to allergens for an animal showing allergic symptoms thereby increasing tolerance toward allergens.

Another significant benefit of colostrum is it's ability to help regulate the body's immune system. Colostrum is not an immune system booster, but rather it allows the body to regulate it's own immune system thereby reducing the activity of an over-active immune system as associated with auto-immune illnesses and allergies. Its ability to regulate the immune system also has colostrum helping to increase the activity and effectiveness of a weakened immune system thereby increasing an animal's ability to combat pathogens, bacteria and other such disease causing organisms.

If your pet suffers from allergies, arthritis, skin and coat problems, or any of the many, many auto-immune illnesses colostrum can be a beneficial part of your pet protection regimen.


1/3 tsp per 25 lbs body-weight

2x daily for minimum 30 days