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Earth Rated 120-Count 8 Refill Rolls of Scented Bags

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As we now know, plastic is not so fantastic. Up to a trillion plastic bags per year are used around the world. While most of them go to landfill sites where, scientists estimate, it takes up to 1,000 years to break them down, millions still end up in waterways, trees, and in our oceans where they eventually end up in the stomachs of fish and birds.

We’ve all relied on those extra grocery bags to clean up after our pups, especially those of us with larger dogs who leave a lot more behind.But sandwich and small wastebasket bags are no solution either, even for those of us with mini mutts. Such bags also are made of plastic that is even thicker than plastic grocery bags. That means they require more petrochemical pollution to manufacture and take even longer to break down.

Our biodegradable Poop Bags harmlessly dissolve into CO2 and H2O – carbon dioxide and water -- in only 18 months!