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  • Omega Alpha's I-B Eaze
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Omega Alpha

Omega Alpha I-B Eaze

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Omega Alpha's I-B Eaze contains elements that are designed to soothe, reduce inflammation and comfort stomach, bowels and intestines. There is also a blend of carefully selected enzymes that are suitable for use where irritable bowl symptoms are present and work to help improve digestion.



The major bioflavonoid of oranges and lemons, it acts to inhibit the release of histamine from the basophiles. Hesperidin also decreases the leakiness of blood vessels in the bowels.

Apple Pectin

Contributes soluble fibre to add bulk to the stool and control motility.

Green Tea Extract*

Reduces histamine release and is useful in preventing the symptoms of food allergies; promotes the activity of naturally occurring anti-oxidant systems (e.g. Glutathione Peroxidase).


An excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant for the G.I. tract.

Slippery Elm Bark & Marshmallow Root

Herbs that have been widely used for treating gastritis, peptic ulcers and colitis, high in mucilage, which soothes and heals irritated and inflamed intestinal walls.

Amylase, Lipase, Maltase

The enzymes used in I-B Eaze are derived from non-animal sources and remain active through a PH range of 2-12. This means they remain active in the acid conditions of the upper and the more alkaline conditions of the lower digestive tract. I-B Eaze is a potent blend of enzymes without protease, therefore it can be used as a suitable digestive aid for patients with gastritis, gastro-intestinal ulceration and irritable bowel.


Aids in release of the active ingredients of the herbs by breaking down the cell wall