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Purodora Skunk Odour Neutralizer Duo for Pets 250ml x2 bottles

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Kit includes:

1 x 250 ml bottle of Skunk Odor Neutralizer for Pets
1 x 250 ml bottle of Pet Shampoo & Skunk Odor Neutralizer

How to Use

Step 1
Before using this product, remove all visible yellowish skunk spray first by rinsing pet’s coat 3 times with clean water. If cat has skunk spray in eyes or mouth, consult a veterinarian immediately. Then use the Skunk Odor Neutralizer for Pets (Step 1 of 2) to neutralize the odor. Spray enough product to completely saturate entire coat, avoiding the eyes. Massage into entire coat, including head. Wait 15 minutes. Do not rinse coat.

Step 2
Apply small amounts of undiluted Pet Shampoo & Skunk Odor Neutralizer directly to still-wet coat. Massage into a rich lather over entire coat, including head. Leave product on 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. To treat heavy skunk spray, wait an additional 10 minutes before rinsing.